# Title Doctor Companion
1 Aliens of London Ninth Rose Tyler
2 The Empty Child Rose Tyler
Jack Harkness
3 Bad Wolf
4 Rise of the Cybermen Tenth Rose Tyler
Mickey Smith
5 The Impossible Planet Rose Tyler
6 Doomsday Rose Tyler
Mickey Smith
7 Evolution of the Daleks Martha Jones
8 The Family of Blood
9 Last of the Time Lords Martha Jones
Jack Harkness
10 The Poison Sky Donna Noble
Martha Jones
11 Silence in the Library Donna Noble
River Song
12 Journey's End Donna Noble
Rose Tyler
Jack Harkness
Martha Jones
13 The End of Time Donna Noble
14 Flesh and Stone Eleventh Amy Pond
15 Cold Blood Amy Pond
Rory Williams
16 The Pandorica Opens Amy Pond
Rory Williams
River Song
17 The Day of the Moon
18 The Rebel Flesh Amy Pond
Rory Williams
19 A Good Man Goes to War Amy Pond
Rory Williams
River Song
20 The Power of Three
21 Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS Clara Oswald
22 The Day of the Doctor Eleventh
Clara Oswald
Rose Tyler
23 Into the Dalek Twelfth Clara Oswald
24 Listen
25 Dark Water
26 The Magician's Apprentice
27 The Zygon Invasion
28 Hell Bent
29 Oxygen Bill Pots
30 The Lie of the Land
31 The Doctor Falls

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