Aliens of London (released in North America as World War Three) is the first Doctor Who film starring Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor and Billie Piper as Rose Tyler.


After being attacked by the Autons, a race of plastic aliens, 19-year-old Rose Tyler meets a strange man calling himself the Doctor. After she helps him defeat the Autons, he reveals that he too is an alien from another world, with a time machine called the TARDIS. The Doctor asks Rose to travel with him to see places in time and space and Rose choses to leave her old life behind.

The Doctor takes Rose to the distant future to watch the end of the world, and back in time to see her favourite author, Charles Dickens. When they return to present-day London, Rose has been missing for a whole year. Her boyfriend, Mickey has been investigating the Doctor and has found evidence that he is an immortal alien.

Eight SequencesEdit

Sequence 1: Rose Tyler living her boring life in London. Everyone seems to be happy except her. We are introduced to her life, working in a shop, eating chips, hanging out with her boyfriend, Mickey, and living with her mum, Jackie. At the end of the sequence, Rose is attacked by Autons and is saved by the mysterious Doctor.

Sequence 2: Rose decides to join the Doctor on his mission to find out why Autons have landed on the planet. She believes him to be apart of MI6, but he insists he's not. They discover the Auton hideout and destroy it. The Doctor takes Rose home and says he must discover what is happening on Earth because someone is planning an invasion. Mickey begs Rose not to leave but she joins the Doctor in the TARDIS.

Sequence 3: The Doctor and Rose travel to Platform One, a space station. Rose is blown away. The Doctor scans the alien tech he found after defeating the Autons, and discovers

Themes and ArcsEdit

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